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The Bully Project

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Wicklow Bully Project

The purpose of this project is to gather resources which can help educate children and parents in how to address the subject of bullying in our schools and community in the Wicklow area. Our aim is to continually develop and improve our Anti Bullying Program so as we can all become activists for change. The incidence of bullying in our communities is increasing alarmingly. The more information and resources we gather the better we are able to combat this problem. Our information will be available to all members of this site and we encourage you to share that information with other parents/students.

What is Bullying? Well, bullying is when an individual or group does or says something to gain power or control over another. Bullying has many forms and is unfortunately or the increase in our society. Research carried out by the Anti Bullying Research and Resource Centre Trinity College Dublin reported that 30.2% of students reported that they had been bullied at school in the previous two months. The same report showed that approximately 25% of students had admitted to bullying others in the same period.

For more information on anti bullying programs in Wicklow please contact Alan Ellis on 089-4567533
Or email aemartialartist@gmail.com

In order for us to address the problem of bullying its important to look at he various types of bullying that exist.

Physical Bullying
Psychical bullying can be when someone makes physical contact with another, such as hitting, kicking, punching , shoving etc. Destroying or taking the property of another could also be considered physical bullying.

Verbal Bullying
Can include threats of violence to another. Name calling, offencive remarks about a person's ethnicity ,gender or religion are also forms of verbal bullying.

Cyber Bullying
Considered by some to be the latest form of bullying cyber bullying involves sending hurtful or abusive messages over the Internet or on mobile phones. Ridiculing others on social network sites or posting offencive comments or videos are also forms of cyber bullying.

Social Bullying
This is when an individual is let out of regular social activities within their peer group. For example if some one is left out o games or activities,or, had bad things said about them.

Mental Bullying
Mental bullying s when someone intimidated. This can be through a variety of means and can include other methods of bullying such as cyber bullying for example.


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