Girls Bully Girls

In general when one thinks of bullying its usually the hitting, punching, shoving associated with a situation where boys are bullying boys, However when it come to girls bullying girls its usually a more subtle form of bullying which ensues.

Julie Hertzog of Pacer's Anti Bullying Project  has categorised some of the method used:
  • Gossip
  • Talking behind the back
  • Excluding
  • Leaving out on purpose
  • Teasing, taunting

As a school affiliated to The 100 we are educating our community in regard to all aspects of bullying.
For more information on bullying and suggestions on how you can help and become involved in our anti bullying campaign in the Wicklow area  please contact us on 089-4567533 email visit us on

Talking about each other, telling stories,telling what happened at a party and embellishing it. Gossip can be intentional and hurtful.

On our next blog we'll look at how talking behind the back can be used as a tool of the bully.

Meantime if you are being bullying or know of anyone being bullying don't hesitate to contact us
Phone 089-4567533 or email

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