The Signs of Bullying

  • Be frightened of walking to and from school (Fear of ambush and beating)
  • Change their usual route (same reason)
  • Not want you to go on the school bus (bags thrown around the bus, out of window, covert beating, threats, insults, no proper supervision)
  • Beg you to drive them to school (attacks etc on the way even by those accompanying)
  • Be unwilling to go to school or be 'school phobic' (general fear of continued bullying)
  • Feel ill in the mornings (fear and stress)
  • Start truanting (to avoid the pain)
  • Begin to do poorly in their school work (stress, sometimes being asked for work to be copied)
  • Come home with black eye, bruises etc
  • Come home regularly with clothes or books destroyed (result of physical bullying)
  • Come home starving (bully taking lunch or dinner money)
  • Become withdrawn, start stammering, lack confidence (extreme fear and stress)
  • Become distressed and anxious, stop eating (extreme fear and stress, feeling of hopelessness)
  • Attempt or threaten suicide (feeling of hopelessness)
  • Cry themselves to sleep, have nightmares (feeling of no redress, hopelessness)
  • Have their possessions go missing (bullying, robbery)
  • Ask for money or start stealing (to pay the bully)
  • Continually 'lose' their pocket money (payment of bullies or blackmail)
  • Refuse to talk about what's wrong (fear, hopelessness)
  • Have unexplained bruises, cuts, scratches (physical bullying)
  • Begin to bully other children, siblings (many bullied children do this)
  • Become aggressive and unreasonable (taking out frustrations on other targets)
  • Give improbable excuses for any of the above (fear, hopelessness, no redress)
  • Get upset after receiving text message or after computer visit (cyber bullying)
  • Spend too much time in room alone (unable to talk about the cyber bullying)
Main source of Signs above: Kidscape
In the event of you being bullied or if you know of anyone being bullied in the Wicklow area then please don't hesitate to contact us
Phone 089-4567533 or email

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